First Presbyterian Church
Delaware, OH
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This project is the implementation of the first phase of the masterplan developed by RKA for the expansion and renovation of this historic church. The scope of this project included the addition of a vestibule at the main entrance; minor renovations to the spiral stairs that included new finishes and code compliant hand and guard rails; and a major renovation of the nave and chancel.

Improvements to the nave and chancel focused on providing increased flexibility for services. The existing pews were removed and recombined to provide a center aisle. New carpet and wood flooring was installed, the cracked plaster walls were repaired and painted, and new gypsum board was installed on the ceiling to replace the acoustical tile that had been glued to the original plaster. The existing chancel was enlarged and refinished with a new wood floor. The existing fixed pulpit was modified with concealed locking casters. A new custom designed organ platform and lectern were also provided to replace those items that were previously fixed on the chancel. New absorbtive fabric panels were installed on the walls to improve the acoustical performance of the space, and integrated with a new audio - visual system.