Broad Street UMC Graphics
Columbus, OH
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Broad Street United Methodist Church wanted the look of their new Identification Sign to complement the historic church, while reflecting the forward-thinking nature of the congregation. In addition to providing the ability to display a changing message, the sign also needed to meet the requirements of Columbus’ Historic Review Commission. The resulting design is a two faced sign that is oriented perpendicular to East Broad Street. The sign is composed of three components – a green stone base, a two-faced painted aluminum sign panel and an arched window. 

The green stone is a stained cast stone, matching the existing stone that was recently utilized in the reconstruction of the exterior walls of the church. The sign panel is painted tan aluminum with push through acrylic letters and address numerals and a manually changeable message panel. The push through acrylic letters and address numerals are illuminated with white LED lighting from within the sign panel. The letters look gray during the daytime and soft white during the night. The manually changeable message panel utilizes black removable letters behind a glass panel and in front of a surface lit textured dichroic polycarbonate panel. The form of the arched window is derived from the proportions of the historic stained glass window on the north façade of the church. The arched window projects above and in front of the sign panel. The arched window is comprised of a painted gray aluminum frame and a textured dichroic polycarbonate panel. The church motto, "The Church in the Heart of the City With the City in Our Hearts," is displayed in small tan vinyl letters running vertically up the north edge of the window frame, a subtle feature to be discovered by passers by. 

RKA also designed entry signs to be used identify the four main exterior entrances to the building along Washington Avenue, and interior signs to assist visitors in finding their way once inside the building.