Sycamore Creek Church
Pickerington, OH
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Sycamore Creek Church is a contemporary church that has outgrown its 15,700 sq. ft. facility in Pickerington, Ohio. Rogers Krajnak Architects created a master plan for a multiple phased expansion of the existing facility to meet short term and long term space requirements of this growing congregation. Programmatically, the goal of the initial phase is to increase the seating capacity of the Worship Center, increase the area of the Foyer, and add classroom space. The design goal for the project is to create an environment that is simple, comfortable, unapologetic and relevant to today. The design approach is to create two additions, one on the east side and one on the west side of the existing building with a new playground in between. This will bring life to the existing bland façade that is visible from the road and will convey the message that Sycamore Creek Church is a place for kids.

The proposed 2,860 sq. ft. east addition includes a new foyer, new vestibule, a new classroom, new women’s restroom and new unisex restroom. The proposed 900 sq. ft. west addition includes two new classrooms, divided by a movable panel partition, adjacent to the largest existing classroom. The windows of the new vestibule, foyer and classroom bring in ample daylight into the building and provide views of activity within the building. By opening the glazed classroom garage door, the area of the foyer can be extended into the area of the classroom. 

The exterior aesthetic of the additions is proposed to be a refined composition of simple exterior metal wall panels, aluminum storefront with insulated glass, projected sunshades and canopies. The goal is to create crisp, creative, well designed, light filled spaces that utilize the existing building as a backdrop.