Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pickerington, OH
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Rogers Krajnak Architects prepared a master plan for new facilities for Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church on a 5 acre site on Tollgate Road. The initial phase of the project is the construction of a driveway and parking lot, and a building that includes a 100-seat Sanctuary, Narthex, Kitchen, two Offices and two Classrooms. In response to the neighboring residences, the building and parking were designed to be in the front portion of the property in order to preserve the existing green space in the rear of the property. The building was positioned to screen the majority of thet parking lot from the adjacent residences.

The goal of the design was to create a building that is in scale with the neighboring residential properties while accommodating the church’s programs and activities. The building is a simple, single story 5,024 sq. ft. structure, with a porch, a cupola and a projected gable element located in the Sanctuary at the front of the building. This form allows indirect light to enter the Sanctuary and becomes a background for the worship services. The cupola brings light in from above into the high ceiling of the Sanctuary. 

The porch identifies the building’s main entry and provides shelter at the front door. The Sanctuary is designed to be located in the front of the building adjacent to the Narthex and Kitchen. The offices have windows with views out to the parking lot and into the vestibule and narthex so that the staff can welcome visitors.