Worthington Presbyterian Church
Worthington, OH
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Sixty ministers have presided at this historic church including Thomas Woodrow, grandfather of former president Woodrow Wilson. The structures that house this congregation have seen significant changes during the last two centuries. The original structure was built in 1830 and relocated as part of an expansion project in 1926. There were several additions during the 1950's including an expansion of the sanctuary in 1959 and a classroom wing addition in the 1990's. In 2002, we created a master plan for an expansion that would nearly double the size of the sanctuary and create a larger fellowship hall. The construction for this latest expansion increased the building to approximately 41,000 square feet and was completed in 2005.

One of the design challenges for the project was to create a significant expansion without changing the appearance of the church from the Village Green, the symbolic heart of historic Worthington, Ohio. The project included the demolition of portions of the 1950's additions and the careful integration of new construction that aligns with existing floor levels, brick exterior walls and plaster interior walls.