Mid-Ohio Food Bank
Columbus, OH


LEED Gold certified

Sustainable Design Site Features

1. Native and adapted plant species require no irrigation
2. Bioswales filter runoff and reduce the impact on municipal stormwater systems
3. Bicycle storage and preferred parking for fuel efficient, low emitting vehicles encourages alternative transportation. Shower / changing areas are provided inside the building for bicycle riders' use.
4. Limiting the parking capacity to the minimum required by Grove City reduces impact to the site
5. Full cut-off light fixtures reduce light pollution
6. Light colored concrete parking surfaces with high solar reflectance reduce heat island effects associated with asphalt

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Sustainable Design Building Features

1. All paints and coatings are low/zero VOC.
2. 95% of the building's exterior walls, roof, and slab are re-used.
3. Curtain wall integrated sun controls and fin projections reduce glare and summer cooling loads.
4. Insulated metal wall panels reduce thermal transfer, use recycled materials, and are Cradle to Cradle certified.
5. Galvanized steel celebrates the building's industrial aesthetic, requires little maintenance, and has high recycled content.
6. Natural linoleum flooring is a rapidly renewable material.
7. Millwork is composed of FSC certified lumber, hardwood, and urea formaldehyde - free MDF.
8. Freezer / cooler unit uses an amonia based system, a refrigerant with zero ozone depleting or global warming potential.
9. Borrowed lites bring daylighting to center of office area. 
10. Operable windows provide increased ventilation and thermal comfort to building occupants.
11. The building exceeds the ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 standard for energy consumption by 21%.
12. Carpets use 38% recycled content and are Cradle to Cradle certified.
13. Liner panels were re-used from demolished exterior walls.