Private Residence
Bexley, OH
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The project goals were simple and straight forward. Create a casual family “hang-out” space with a sustainable approach and a creative edge. Although an addition was considered, ultimately renovating the previously unfinished basement of this 1927 home was chosen to save costs and limit the materials and resources required to complete the project. The functional requirements included a kitchen, bar seating, a media space, game area, reading area, and storage. In order to maintain a comfortable ceiling height and to avoid the generic “drop ceiling” look, the floor joists above were kept exposed and painted a neutral grey. Rather than conceal the existing structural steel pipe columns, the design strategically locates new elements to highlight the columns which have been painted a bold yellow color. Piping, wiring, and ductwork is left exposed. The center of the space is anchored by an A/V closet structure clad with tongue & groove wood. One side of the closet structure holds the entertainment center, the interior of the closet provides media storage and access to the wiring and cables of A/V equipment for ease in modifications and upgrades. Sustainable and energy efficient features include; no VOC paints and coatings, low VOC caulking and sealants, LED lighting, recycled content carpet tiles, recycled content MDF, pre-consumer recycled content solid surface counters, energy efficient appliances, new perimeter wall/bandboard insulation and sealing of penetrations and voids.