Private Residence
Columbus, OH
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This project is situated in the heart of German Village, Columbus' vibrant historic district located just south of downtown. The project consists of a complete renovation and expansion of an existing 1 ½ story cottage structure. The existing cottage is a classic example of the housing created by German immigrants during the late 1800's in this historic neighborhood. The addition has a stepped profile and is sculpted into two distinct volumes to reduce the overall massing fronting the streetscape. The central volume, adjacent to the existing cottage, contains the new kitchen and a dramatic open stair which is located below a second floor “bridge” walkway above. This “bridge” element connects the original cottage to the new second floor guest suite, which is located over a new attached garage. The open stair provides a vertical slot of space from the finished basement up to the second floor. Daylight is introduced into the central volume through skylights and dormer windows. Our design strategy has been successful in making a modest sized home feel open and spacious.