Bexley, OH
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Originally constructed in 1908, this unique shingle style structure served for many years as the official residence of The Ohio State University President. The current Owners have now commissioned Rogers Krajnak Architects for our fourth project at this prestigious home. The Owners collect historic artifacts and recently acquired an18th century hand-carved wood fireplace mantel that commemorates a 1701 battle from The War of the Spanish Succession between Austria and France. The project involves the placement of the historic fireplace mantel in a small, intricate addition that serves as a backdrop to the existing first floor kitchen breakfast area. The addition fits strategically into a recessed area at the rear of the residence. Due to the imposing 11’-4” height of the historic mantel, the ceiling of the addition is higher than the existing first floor ceiling, which also impacted the new second floor level above. The raised second floor portion of the addition provides a new children’s study loft. The new lower level provides additional fitness room space.