Central OH
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OhioHealth commissioned Rogers Krajnak Architects, Inc. to create elements and environments that convey the message that OhioHealth is a faith based organization that welcomes, employs and serves people of all faiths. The project recognized OhioHealth's United Methodist heritage, while including images of and symbols from the five major religions of the world: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. The design of the project was based on common elements within each religion. An important element in each religion is light. Light was used to illuminate imagery of the "prayer givers and care givers" that are arranged in three compositions - the Rondel, the Ribbon and the Collage. These compositions have been installed at approximately fifty public lobbies and meditation spaces throughout OhioHealth's system.

RONDEL - At the center of this circular form is the "Cross and Flame" of the United Methodist Church superimposed over the white cross of OhioHealth. The outer ring of images depicts people in various positions of prayer, symbols of each of the five major world religions and various caregivers. The ring is illuminated so that the images glow like stained glass while the soft glow of the center creates an illusion of depth. The middle ring expresses a message of unity with the words "Together We Are OhioHealth."

RIBBON - The shape of the Ribbon allows for the images of the Rondel to be installed in a linear shape such as a corridor or on a long wall. The lighting behind the undulating Ribbon panels illuminates the images and casts light into the adjacent wall surfaces. The Ribbon panels can be installed in one continuous band or be stacked into various linear compositions.

COLLAGE - The collage becomes an illuminated wall of a meditation space with imagery that is experienced from both sides of the wall. In the Collage, the images from the Rondel are fused onto stained glass and fabricated into leaded glass panels that are mounted within an aluminum frame. The Collage includes the symbols of the five major world religions that are created from aluminum plates wit raised aluminum symbols.