OhioHealth Riverside methodist Hospital - Chapel and Pastoral Care Offices
Columbus, OH
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OhioHealth commissioned Rogers Krajnak Architects to design a multi-denominational meditation space for this new facility in Pickerington, which is intended to function as a prototype for future OhioHealth healthcare facilities in the region.

A custom designed glass tryptich, depicting images of caregivers along with symbols of the world’s five major religions, presents itself to potential visitors in the corridor outside, and designates the interior as prayerful and welcoming. Custom built-in cabinetry divides the interior to provide storage for liturgical items in the vestibule area, and affords the occupants of the sacred space beyond with a measure of visual privacy. Cherry wood veneer panels on the walls and ceiling of the chapel provide the space with visual warmth, and fabric covered panels on an eliptically curved wall improve the acoustics of the sacred space.