OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital - Chapel Renovation
Delaware, OH
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Rogers Krajnak Architects has been commissioned by OhioHealth to renovate the Chapel at OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital in Delaware, Ohio. One of the main goals of the project was to create a more prominent Chapel entry from the existing corridor. RKA developed a design that identifies the Chapel as an interfaith place for meditation, prayer, and healing. By incorporating images and symbols from five major religions of the world into backlit glass panels that are recessed into corridor wall niches, the Chapel has a more recognizable presence from the hospital corridor.

Inside the chapel, the walls are adorned with floor to ceiling wood grilles and three wood framed stained glass windows. The wood grilles add visual warmth to the space and along with new acoustical wall panels, provide a calming, quiet environment for meditation and prayer. Decorative stitching on the fabric covered acoustical panels will be created by local artists. A place is designated for the proper alignment of a prayer rug to Mecca. The flexible arrangement of the room’s furnishings allows the space to accommodate a variety of services.