Columbus, OH
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OhioHealth commissioned Rogers Krajnak Architects to provide a design study for the renovation of a chapel in a former hospice (the former Kobacker House facility) that was renovated into a community clinic. The goal of the project was to provide for an uplifting, calming, light-filled, interfaith space that provides a place for quiet reflection, solitude and prayer. The design for the renovated chapel included a new arched ceiling canopy that is supported on curved wood beams. Suspended below the original chapel ceiling, the curved beams extend from the frame of the windows that provide views into the adjacent outdoor garden. The ceiling canopy is comprised of illuminated translucent panels that contain the imagery of branches and leaves from an overhead tree. The imagery of these tree branches is derived from the imagery of the pear trees in the windows that Rogers Krajnak Architects designed for the new Kobacker House Chapel.