Columbus, OH
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For its design competition entry for AIA Columbus Center for Architecture, a space intended to celebrate architecture and design, Rogers Krajnak Architects, Inc. identified the Golden Section as the organizing principle. The Golden Section is a Law of Proportionality that creates ideal proportions as defined by the Golden Rectangle, Golden Spiral and the Fibonacci Series. Each of these is used to organize the space. The design diagram would also become the graphic logo for the branding of the Center for Architecture.

Visible from passing vehicles and pedestrians, the Golden Spiral is manifested as an illuminated red tube that spirals down from above the roofline, through the front façade above the entry and into the interior of the Center for Architecture. As the spiral enters the building, the letters of the word ARCHITECTURE hover below the spiral identifying the area for the Active Design Studio Space. The spiral continues past the Reception/ Transaction Counter for the AIA Offices, the Resource Area/ Library the Kitchenette Serving Counter and the Kitchenette. These spaces are positioned on the convex side of the Golden Spiral.

The Exhibit/Gallery area is located in the two bays of storefront east of the vestibule to encourage viewing from the sidewalk. Designed as a series of parallel panels, this space allows daylight and views from the exterior through the gallery area into the Multi-Purpose space beyond. The length of the parallel panels are proportioned by the Fibanocci Series (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…) from the Golden Section. The panels can be rotated up to ninety degrees at the storefront edge to close off the storefront glass to darken the Multi-purpose room.

In the closed position, the panels provide forty continuous linear feet of pin up area as additional space becomes available in the Multi-Purpose area for critiques and presentations. In the northwest corner of the space the AIA Offices are adjacent to the Reception and Resource/ Area Library to provide for efficient staffing opportunities. These spaces have good visibility through openings in the curved wall to the Entry, Active Design Studio Space, Kitchenette and Multi-Purpose Room. The Multi-Purpose room can be divided into two spaces with movable panels that stack below the existing beam adjacent to the vestibule. Just beside this beam above the corner of the entry vestibule is an oculus in the ceiling that provides a view upward to the to the pinnacle of the Golden Spiral above the roof.