Louis Sullivan Building of Newark
Newark, OH
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The Home Building Association Bank was originally designed in 1914 by noted American Architect, Louis Sullivan as one of eight “jewel box” banks that Sullivan designed across the Midwest. Located on one of the most prominent sites in Newark, the national landmark building will become a visitor’s center for Licking County. RKA has designed the rehabilitation of the building to accommodate spaces for community events, workshops, exhibits and presentations as well as educational opportunities to learn about Sullivan’s legacy that created an authentic American Architecture.

The Louis Sullivan Building of Newark previously served as a bank, a butcher shop, a jewelry store, an architect’s office, an apartment, and an ice cream parlor. The adjacent building will be integrated into the project to provide accessibility, via a new elevator, to all three floors of the Louis Sullivan Building. Various missing elements, such as the original front door and lower first floor windows will be recreated. New Vermont Verde Antique serpentine stone panels for the first floor Event Space will be sourced from the quarry from which the original serpentine stone was quarried over 100 years ago. The intricate glass tile mosaics and the beautiful terra cotta tile exterior will be carefully restored as will the interior geometrically abstract murals of the original banking hall.

“The Licking County Foundation is working to develop a plan for this special building’s restoration and reuse. We needed special architectural team to partner with us. RKA is that team!” -Connie Hawk, Director, Licking County Foundation.